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Don slips on his apron and smiles as he sets to work gathering the ingredients for lunch. Today’s menu is meant to be a surprise; he’d banished Marvelous from the kitchen (amidst increasingly pleading protests) just so he’d be able to keep it a secret. It’s going to be an absolute feast - baked chicken stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, cheese toast with pesto, pasta in tomato sauce with zucchini and eggplant, fried apples with cinnamon, and fruit parfaits with sweet cream for dessert. Marvelous is used to big meals, of course, but they’re not always elaborate ones (though they are always delicious), so Don takes a lot of pride in being able to put together a truly exceptional spread.

The prep is going to take him ages, since he’s doing it all by himself, but it’s worth it for the joy of surprising Marvelous. He figures he might as well round up all the ingredients at once, just to make sure he actually has everything he needs, though Marvelous’s kitchen is so well-stocked he hardly thinks he needs to worry. The meat and vegetables are right in the refrigerator, of course, as is the cheese and some of the fruit. The apples are in the basket on the counter, and the bread is in its cupboard as always. He sets it all out and takes stock of it before moving on to the spices, taking each one out of the spice rack with care. Before long, he’s gathered everything he needs.

Everything except the pasta, that is.

Marvelous keeps the pasta up on the very highest shelf in one of the tall cupboards above the counter. He doesn’t seem to have any trouble reaching it himself with just the help of the kitchen stool, but he has certain height and reach advantages that Don doesn’t. Even getting up on his tiptoes on the stool, the pasta is just out of Don’s reach. He steps down from it, tail swishing with frustration. He could go get Marvelous and ask him to get the pasta down for him, but that would ruin the whole surprise of the meal! He’ll have to get it some other way.

Don frowns, tail still swishing as he thinks about it. He really only needs a bit more of a boost, so there should be something he can use... He looks over at the dining table chairs. He’s never stood on one, but they always seem sturdy enough when he sits on them, so they ought to be fine. It’s only for a second anyway.

Don picks up one of the chairs and carries it over to put it in front of the counter. He takes a quick step up onto it, using his tail to keep his balance. The pasta is all easily within reach now. He scans the shelf for the box of penne, and spots it in the back. He reaches for it and the chair wobbles. He starts to lose his footing just as he grabs the box, and he’s a split second too late to jump safely off when he hears the wood crack. He yelps with surprise as he falls, too startled and thrown off-balance to make a good attempt at catching himself, and cries out when his foot hits the floor and a blaze of pain shoots up his leg. He lands hard, taking most of the impact with his hands and forearms. He only just manages not to hit his head.

For a moment Don just lies on the floor, tears in his eyes from the shock and pain of his fall. His heart is racing, and he’s struggling to catch his breath. He tries to push himself back to his feet but his leg surges with pain and he cries out again, his yell dying down into a sob as he clutches his hurt ankle.

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Marvelous isn't sulking. 

He just happens to be sitting on the couch, glaring sideways at the kitchen door with his arms folded because he feels like it. Not because he has been effectively banned from his happy place. Even if Don did smile so convincingly and widen his eyes and promise it would be so worth it in the end. Marvelous trusts Don, but it is such a sacrifice to make! To leave the kitchen and not go back in! For hours! And hours! Maybe not at all the entire day! 

He's pretty sure he can already smell food. 

He tried putting the TV on but of course it was programmed to a cooking channel when it flickered to life, and watching it just made him hungry, and horny. But he's banned from the kitchen and therefore also from some very excellent ways to sate both of those desires. Don knows food preparation is seriously sexy, so to deny Marvelous the pleasure of watching him doing it means it must be really important to him. 

Marvelous isn't sulking anyway. 

It's silent in the room until he hears the crash, accompanied by a yell, that comes from the kitchen. Marvelous jumps to his feet immediately. As he rushes towards the door the thing that registers foremost in his mind is that if it had been a simple accident that sounded worse than it actually was Don would have already called to him through the door not to come in, and that he would deal with it. Not to mention that as Marvelous puts his hands on the door he hears Don's sudden cry of pain. 

"I don't care what you said, I'm coming in," Marv says flatly, and walks in to find Don and one of the dining chairs collapsed on the floor. Marv can see the way Don's eyes are watering, his hands clasping his ankle. 

What were you doing? Why did you take a risk like that? Marvelous clamps his mouth shut on any harsh words, and panics.

"What can I do?" He asks. "Can you get up? Is it broken?" 

(He will feel pretty stupid later for sulking, that's for sure.)

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Marvelous does notice the way Don flinches when he first walks in, but he knows what it's like to be injured and protective over that part of yourself even if it's causing you pain, so he simply registers that Don does it but doesn't react to it.

Don recovers himself fairly quickly from that, but he's visibly upset; tears spilling down his cheeks as he stammers his words. Marvelous wants to scoop him up and hold him tight, and he will, but that won't actually help anything right this second. He crouches down and brushes Don's hair away from his forehead. His skin is pale from shock.

"Don't move," Marvelous insists. Don is always apologizing for things that aren't his fault! He doesn't have worry about getting up if he physically can't because of the pain, that would be a ridiculous expectation. And it may be obvious from the tightness in his words, but even though it hurts that much he doesn't complain. "You're being really brave."

He hopes he sounds reassuring because he hasn't got a clue what to do now. The last thing he wants to do is touch Don's ankle when he isn't a doctor. It might hurt him more. But then something Don says makes him forget he's supposed to be doing something anyway.

"The chair?" He asks in confusion. "What chair?"

He knows what chair, but he hadn't been thinking about that at all! Why is Don?

"I don't care about that," he says, gesturing in the general direction of it without bothering to look at it. His eyes are on Don right now. "I can replace a chair. We can't replace you."

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Thank goodness Don knows what he's doing; ice is a really good suggestion, probably! To numb the pain and all, to soothe it temporarily until they can get his ankle looked at properly. Marvelous's first assumption would be to take Don to his own doctor, but something in his mind reminds him idly that catpeople tend to have veterinary physicians. The reason he knows that is because he knows one. A plan of action starts to form in his mind.

Marvelous wraps arms around Don as he leans in and holds tight to Marv, squeezing gently as Don sniffles on his shoulder. Good things don't usually go wrong, and Marvelous can still salvage this for Don yet.

"You always make me good meals," he assures Don. "They're all delicious. But that doesn't mean I'm getting used to it!" Heaven forbid Marvelous wake up one day and be jaded about food.

"Let's get you up first," he says, and before Don can attempt to walk on his ankle again (Marvelous just knows he will try to!) Marvelous slips one arm under Don's legs and the other around his back and lifts him up off of the floor completely to carry him back into the living room and lay him down on the sofa.

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Don seems almost relaxed in his arms as Marvelous carries him over to the sofa; as much as he can be whilst in pain, anyway. He clings tight, but Marvelous can tell by the way Don rests his head on Marv's shoulder that it isn't because he's scared. He just wants to hold on in return. The trust Don has in him only makes it more important to Marvelous to do everything he can for Don and be worthy of that trust. He's almost over-careful as he lowers Don onto the sofa, not wanting to knock his injured ankle, but Don is ahead of him a little, and thinks to raise his leg up so as not to take the full weight of the impact. It's a perfect opportunity to put a pillow under Don's foot so that he can at least prop it on something more forgiving than the flat sofa cushion, he can rest it at the angle most comfortable for him.

Perhaps if it were broken it would be more obvious that something was wrong; a bone out of place might have thrown Don's foot out of alignment, so Marvelous is also pretty sure they're safe on that score. But the injury looks angry and inflamed, and what he and Don can't see might be just as complicated to heal. Don's whimper suggests he might be thinking along the same lines. Marvelous reminds himself there's more he can do yet.

"Ice," he says, finally remembering what else Don had said after the 'can you help me off of the floor' part. His brain doesn't feel fuzzy but it's definitely working a little slower than usual. And every so often his words come out sounding kind of flat. It can't be shock, he's not the type to suffer that. It wasn't even his injury! "I'll get some ice for your ankle. And a dishcloth to wrap it in."

He reaches out to thread his fingers through Don's hair before he heads back into the kitchen. "I know someone who can take a look at your ankle. He's a really good doctor; he has his own surgery just for treating catpeople. He'll make you feel better in no time."

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Marvelous heads to the kitchen to get the ice - and put the food away, on Don's orders! He may not love food in quite the same way Marvelous does, but he certainly treats it better! Marv hadn't been thinking about any of that at all, but if meat and vegetables stay sitting out they definitely won't be at their best, which is important for both cooking and eating. He hasn't a clue what Don was going to cook but there's chicken and bacon, and four different kinds of vegetable. There's also the pasta sitting forlornly on the floor not far from the broken chair. Marvelous doesn't particularly care about the chair at all, but it makes sense to push it to one side for now, out of the way, so that he can put the food back. He does it as quickly as he can in order to get back to Don sooner with the ice; it's probably not in the right places compared to how he used to do it, and kind of shoved hurriedly into the fridge, but Don can pout at him for that later when he's feeling better.

He wraps the ice in a clean dishcloth and carries it back in to Don, sitting down on the very edge of the sofa cushion. He's about to lower the makeshift ice-pack onto Don's ankle as slowly as he can when Don speaks. Marvelous waits, just in case Don doesn't want him to do it, but to put it on himself. But that's not what he says at all.

I'm scared.

Marvelous puts the ice down on the sofa and scoots closer to Don, placing a hand over his.

"Yeah," he says. "He's a human. And I know that scares you. But he's one of the good guys. I wouldn't let anyone near you who was going to hurt you."

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"It will be alright," Marvelous says, and he's not just saying it to try and convince himself; he means it, and he'll make sure what he says turns out to be true. He trusts Sid anyway, so that isn't the issue. Making sure Don is happy and comfortable is. Marvelous threads the fingers of his free hand into Don's hair, sensing from the way Don's ears twitch that he still isn't entirely sure about this. A moment later he hisses, and Marvelous is reminded - literally - that the ice is still sitting there, not on Don's ankle.

"I'll be gentle," he promises. He doesn't think saying, "I'll try to be gentle" will help here. So he'll just have to be careful, won't he. Don buries his face in Marvelous's shoulder and Marv runs his hand through Don's hair and down to the back of his neck to cup his hand there and hold onto him. "Be brave," he says, as he lifts his hand away from Don's and reaches for the ice pack.

He doesn't just mean whilst the ice is going on.

He lowers the bundle of ice slowly so that only a little of it makes contact with Don's ankle at a time, and makes sure not to put any of his own weight onto it as it settles. The soothing noises that are coming out of his mouth now don't actually resemble words at all, but he's sure that doesn't matter.

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It's not nice for Marvelous to have to hear Don cry out in pain as he puts the ice on Don's ankle, no matter how good his intentions, or how quickly Don silences himself afterwards. He keeps reminding himself that they're doing the right thing if they don't want Don's injury to get any worse than it is already.

It seems to take forever; it surprises him a little when Don asks if it's over already! He recovers himself quickly, voice steady as he replies, "all done. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

He puts his arms around Don properly, but loosely so that Don can relax back and still be in his arms. He knows well enough by now to leave it a few minutes before he makes his next suggestion, allowing Don to calm down a little and just sit there with him.

"I think we've done what we can," he says softly, "so maybe I should call my friend now and get him to come and take a look at your ankle?"

Marvelous can definitely convince Sid to make a house-call; he's a very persuasive individual. And every time they've run into one another at the coffee shop Sid has ended up chatting away about his job and how much he loves it. Marvelous might spend an indecent amount of time during the (mostly one-sided) conversation just watching the way Sid's strong, firm looking hands wrap around his coffee cup, but he listens well enough to pick up on the general idea of what's being said! He'll come over when he realises how important it is to Marvelous and, more importantly, to Don.

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